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Yonghua Machinery, with professional senior technologyteam, provides highly efficient and comprehensive technical support in variousfields of global manufacturing industry and efficient processing solutions formany users in automobile manufacturing, engineering machinery, shipbuilding,electronics industry and mold industry, etc, to help users comprehensively improvethe quality and cost competitiveness and effectively control the users’ costinflated and maximize the benefit.

·Thehighest processing reliability, reducing the downtime rate and down time of thedevice caused by the fault
·Thelowest individual piece production cost, completely avoiding the consumptionand waste of productive resources
·Thehighest production efficiency, fully making use of technology and reducing theproduction rhythm
·One-stopsolution and optimal matching of machine tool, techniques, knife tool, chuckingand checking tools, fast and absolutely economical

Typeselection of machine tool
·Choosethe most economic and applicable model specification and function configurationaccruing to the need
·Reserve toolchange, main shoot change mechanism as well as system function expansioninterface to facilitate the users to add configuration according to the demand
·Seasonallyplan product structure according to the users’ existing equipment and technicalcondition to avoid redundant configuration function and waste